Your Voice is So Important—Your Story Could Make a Difference

Tell your story of your loved one.  What a difference you could make by sharing your thoughts about that person who is no longer with us but is still in your heart.  What do you love about that person?  What made them special, and how could you give voice to the enduring qualities that should last beyond life itself?

Somehow you’ve been given hope.  Perhaps it’s only been a few months after your loved one took his/her own life.  What motivated you to go on, to take that next breath, to wake up and see the sun shine on a new day?  Write about that hope, so others can read how you’ve journeyed through the long nights or the painful days and perhaps have come out on top.

I found when I wrote about our son after his death, it was healing for me.  To place his name in print was meaningful for me.  He became a part of my words as I described his loving nature, his quirky sense of humor, and his musical talents that we now miss.  To tell of the eventual hope that bubbled up out of the stormy waters of mourning, moved me one step closer to healing.

So let’s share our stories, so others don’t feel so alone.  Together we could lift each other up with our voices….even if it’s through our tears.  Words have a similar power to a comforting hug.  Don’t you know that our Lord knew that very thing when giving the gift of His words in the Bible, His amazing love letter to us all.

Go to the “Your Story” button on my home page and share what’s on your heart.

I look forward to reading your story.  May God bless your words!



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