What Does a Hero Look Like?

Does your hero wear a cape? If you ask a preschooler what his hero looks like, quite often he would respond, “He wears a cape and runs really fast!”  Is your hero strong?  What makes him/her a hero to you?  Think about that for a moment.  What makes that person stand out in your mind as having hero qualities?

Does This Fit Your Picture of a Hero?

Today I saw a video of a hero.  Watch and see by CLICKING HERE if you agree that this could be a real hero.

Ginger and Kimchi work together as a team.  The blind dog, Kimchi, has its own guide dog, Ginger!  The guide dog in this situation is definitely a hero.  Hmmm.  Makes me think about thirty days from now, I’ll start training with my own furry Hero!

What Defines a Hero?

So, a hero could wear a mask and firefighting equipment, right?  It could have four legs and lots of fur.  A hero could be younger than you, as in my case, she is my daughter.  She has a heart for those who need some tools to be able to read the printed word.  So she offers that help through NoCo Dyslexia Center, a center filled with hope.  CLICK HERE to find out more about this amazing place!

A hero could have a beard and a generous heart.  He could wear a Navy uniform and have seen the shores of Viet Nam years ago.  Actually, he looks like my husband, who tirelessly gives his time and energy to me, who deals with my ups and downs of MS, and understands my blindness…..and provides transportation for me EVERYWHERE!

Or that hero could have eyes that cry with you when life is painful and you can’t do it alone.  Those eyes look at you with compassion and don’t require you to talk when you can barely breathe.  Those eyes belong to many of my “heroes”, who just sat with me in the moments after our son, Tim, died.  And even though it’s been four years since his death, they still are there with looks of encouragement and hope.  Hero eyes….looking right through to my soul.

Thank Your Hero

For all the heroes in my life, I thank God, especially my ultimate hero, Jesus, who gave up His life for me, so I can spend eternity with Him.  I also thank God for the heroes He’s placed in my life, precious ones that have enriched my life in so many ways. 

Is there someone you need to thank today for being your hero? Text or phone them….or show up at that fire station or police department and say, “Thanks for being my hero!”

To all the heroes in our lives…..THANK YOU!







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