You’re back, and I’m so glad!  Harvey here, guiding you along the journey of obtaining a guide dog.  This week….Kathy’s expecting!!

She’s Expecting??

Not in the way you are thinking!  The anticipation of expecting another family member into the household is similar to the excitement of a new baby or adoptive child joining the others in the home, becoming an integral part of the day-to-day activities and support of each other.  To know this member (this guide dog)  will bring encouragement, emotional support, and assistance in mobility gives a sense of hope to the whole family…and to many of Kathy’s friends as well!

Getting Ready for the Fur Ball

Just like getting ready for a new baby, the family is preparing new toys, a space for the newly washed kennel (the crib), and food and water dishes in just the right place in the kitchen. So this week was prep week…getting things ready!

The famous Kong, that many dog owners swear by to bring satisfying chewing opportunities for their canines.  The fun and intrigue can be increased by putting some wet kibble inside and freezing it. Delicious!

For chewing pleasure, the Nylabone does the trick! It’s good for cleaning my teeth!

And nothing better than the tug toy to develop a bond with a dog’s human.  Of course the guide dog ALWAYS wins! Toys are so important, and playtime at the end of a long day of working is vital for the guide dog…I know…I loved my playtime!  Harness off, leash off,  let’s go!!

This is my favorite part…..the food and water dishes!  Mealtime is my favorite part of the day, besides playtime.  Glad Kathy thought of these important items for her new guide dog.  She’ll score high with her guide if the dog knows exactly and consistently where he/she will eat.

I think it’s so funny that Kathy’s neighbor dog is supervising over the fence her washing activities of the kennel!  Did she get all the dirt off, so the new dog will have a spic-and-span place to sleep? Good job!

Next Week’s Preview

I bet you have questions and are wondering so many things about the new guide dog. How many more weeks until Kathy goes for her training with the guide dog? How old is it right now?  What kind of training is it involved with even before Kathy goes out to San Rafael to do her training with this guide.  What does it look like?  How does Guide Dogs for the Blind choose a guide that fits with each person’s needs?  So many questions! Wait….as they used to tell me when I was trained to be a guide.  I’ll try to answer some of these questions next week.  So hold on…

Continue to HOPE….continue to look to the One who holds your hand and walks alongside you every step of the way!

Harvey & Kathy

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