New Movie!

Hi Friends! Welcome back to the adventures of obtaining a guide dog with me, Harvey, leading the way.  Have I got exciting news for you!  The movie documentary “Pick of the Litter”, which follows five puppies from birth through their training at Guide Dogs for the Blind, to possibly becoming guides for the visually impaired, was released at selected theaters TODAY!

I watched the trailer with Kathy, who kept saying “Awww, how cute”, wondering if her dog, that will be chosen just for her, will be that adorable and obedient. This particular litter is the letter “P” litter.  When a litter of pups is born at Guide Dogs for the Blind, all pups in that litter will have names that begin with the same letter.  The five pups in this documentary are named Patriot, Primrose, Poppet, Potomac, and Phil.

Want to Watch the Trailer?

If you want to watch that trailer, see those precious pups, and find out more about the dates when the movie will be in your area, CLICK HERE

Hope you’ll mark your calendars to see this heartwarming film, learn more about Guide Dogs for the Blind, and continue to follow this life-changing adventure each week with Kathy.  October 28 is fast approaching!

With HOPE,

Harvey & Kathy

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