voice of suicide voice of hope book

Voice of Suicide, Voice of Hope is now available on Amazon Kindle! To order your copy for your Kindle just click here:  Amazon Kindle Book

As most of you know, some of the proceeds of the sale of the book, including the Kindle edition, will go to the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, which currently is sending teams of Comfort Dogs and Handlers to Texas to bring Christ’s compassion to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

As Top Dog of Cubby Comfort Dog, I am thankful that we can send her tomorrow on deployment to the flood victims in Texas.  Two of our Handlers will go with her, and together with other Comfort Dog Teams will bring comfort and hope.  Follow Cubby Comfort Dog’s Facebook page daily to see where she goes and who she meets:  Cubby Comfort Dog’s facebook page

I ask for your prayers for those that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, for those who are currently helping the families that have lost homes, for the Comfort Dog Teams, and all who are offering help and hope.

May Christ bring hope to you today,


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