Together We’re Stronger!

March is MS Awareness Month.  Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system by disrupting the flow of information from the brain to the body.  It has no known cause and no known cure. I have MS, but it doesn’t have me!  It has stolen my eyesight, so I am now legally blind.  It has robbed me of my coordination and my strength.  But it hasn’t taken my “earthly-angels” from my side when I need them most!  In fact, God has multiplied those angels, who walk with me when I can’t, who pray with me when I cry, who love me when I’m unlovable, and who think I’m pretty, even when I feel battered and bruised.

Walk MS—Sat.,

May 12, 2018—Boardwalk Park, Windsor, CO

Together we’ll walk to free the world of Multiple Sclerosis, to support those who are stricken with this disease, and to bring encouragement to one another. Want to join us?  To register for the walk:  click here.  Once in the website, click on “Team Kathy T”. Then click on “Join our team”.

Read Janice Dean’s Journey With MS

Janice Dean is with Fox News and she reveals her experience with Multiple Sclerosis.  Read her words by clicking this link: Janice’s Journey

Janice’s journey includes a progression of her disease and the infusions she faces. 

Those are the challenges and infusions I also face.  But with each challenge, I have this “with me” presence.  It’s my comforter, my soft blanket. 

In the Comfort Dog Ministry, where I serve with Cubby the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog, and her Team, we give Cubby the command, “With me”.  She is to stay close by our side when walking with her.  That is the presence, the comfort, the soft blanket of protection I feel from my Lord when I’m overwhelmed by the pain or disability of MS.  He’s always by my side, breathing His Words of comfort and compassion.

Wishing you God’s Comfort today,


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