Send Silence Packing

Today at Colorado State University more than 1,000 backpacks covered the floor of a ballroom in the Lory Student Center to represent the number of college students who die by suicide each year.  This was a national traveling exhibit, called Send Silence Packing.  The backpacks had photos attached of students who have died and their stories.

This was a coordinated effort by CSU’s chapter of Active Minds.  It provided a visual representation of the effects of suicide and to encourage students to talk more openly about mental health.

Let’s Talk More about Mental Health Issues and Suicide

Mental health issues and suicide are just not talked about enough.  Physical sickness is discussed, such as cancer and diabetes.  But depression, mental disorders, and even suicide need to be part of open communication in communities, schools and in families.  This exhibit provided a connection to resources that can help.  (Some of those resources are found on my Resources page of my blog site.)

Active Minds is a national nonprofit that encourages students to talk about mental health and educate others.

(A portion of this text was excerpted from  Cassa Niedringhaus’ article in the Coloradoan.)

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