Several days ago I received word that my friend, Robin, had passed away.  It was like a punch to my stomach, to think she is no longer in this world, but has gone to the arms of her Savior.

Robin’s Heart

I will forever remember Robin’s heart.  She had a heart for animals….horses, chickens, dogs. In fact, when I first met Robin, she was riding a horse at Hearts and Horses.  Together we rode horses in a therapy class, and I instantly liked her attitude and sunshine that she radiated.

She gave her heart to many, many friends, especially those who had lost a child. She believed the words of Ann Voskamp (in The Broken Way), “The way to live with your one broken heart—is to give it away”. Every day she made it her mission to encourage those with broken hearts.  Shortly after Joshua’s death, she spoke at the National LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Conference in Illinois in July, 2017, to encourage others and to bring comfort.  She spoke at churches and met with grieving moms to give them her compassion that overflowed her tender heart.

Most of all, she fully loved her family with all of her being, especially Joshua who died 1 1/2 years ago.  She wrote about her grief, her feelings, and her love for her son in my book, Voice of Suicide, Voice of Hope.. She was in the process of writing her own book and had a real talent for the written word.

Robin’s Light

Right now many of us who loved Robin are carrying heavy hearts.  We miss her and realize that her light in this world is not shining.  But actually it is!  It is the light of God’s love, whom she dearly loved, that continues to burn in her heart for eternity. I want to continue to carry her light, to follow her example of encouraging others, and to hold that candle of love of Robin’s for others to see some brightness in the dark days of grief. She can continue to shine and make a difference if I do my small part in carrying that candle for her.

Rest in God’s Grace-filled Arms

Thanking God for your life and our friendship, dear Robin. Be at peace, now, in God’s arms.

With love,


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