Week #6 of  Adventures with Four Paws

Harvey here “guiding” you through the weeks before the guide dog arrives.  Kathy just got back from the National LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Conference (my friend, Cubby, also attended)….more than 90 Golden Retrievers in one big room, more than 500 people all with the same mission:  to share the mercy, compassion, presence, and proclamation of Jesus Christ to those suffering and in need.  Want to find out what went on at that conference? CLICK HERE to see what happened!

Down to Business

The “Old Dog” (Kathy) needs to learn some new tricks in the upcoming weeks.  Guide Dogs for the Blind provides many materials in different formats for the student to prepare before going on their campus to train with the dog.  Kathy downloaded the beginning lecture items (in large print). So she’s got some homework ahead of her.

“Boning up” on these packets will help when she attends the classes at San Rafael, CA.  Here are some of the subjects:  Obedience, Street Crossings, Orientation & Learning Routes, Equipment (Leash, Collar, Harness, etc.), Guidework, and Playing with Your Guide Dog (I personally like this one!).

As She Prepares….

If she’s doing her part to prepare, what’s happening with the dog that she’ll receive?  According to Guide Dogs for the Blind, “it takes on average 251 volunteers to help a single puppy become a guide dog.”  Since her pup was 8 weeks old, people, like the puppy raisers, begin to train, socialize, love, and give guidance to the dog.  The final stages of that training begin soon as the puppy returns to the campus for daily instruction.  The highly trained guide dog will be such an asset to the visually impaired human….changing a life 4 paws at a time!

Stick with us as the excitement builds!

Wishing you Hope and hugs,

Harvey & Kathy

(Above photo of guide dog, courtesy of Guide Dogs for the Blind)


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