The Packing Begins

Here we go, friends! My suitcase is beginning to fill up as I start the packing process.  My flight arrangements have been made. You’ve been with me for many, many months since I was accepted to receive a dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind.  You’ve watched as I went through the many weeks of mobility training with my white cane.  You’ve prayed for me as my eyesight continually deteriorated and encouraged me as I endured the injections in my one good eye.  And now, together we’re “seeing” the light at the end of the tunnel…in nine days I will fly out to San Rafael for the 2-week training with my 4-legged hero.

Photo courtesy of Guide Dogs for the Blind

Bravo to Guide Dogs for the Blind

During this whole lengthy process, Guide Dogs for the Blind has kept in touch, encouraged me, and in their call today repeated that they want to make sure that my dog will be perfectly suited just for me, including the personality.  Because of their professionalism and high standards, I want to share a bit from their website, www.

Why a guide dog?

Guide dogs are far more than excellent mobility aids: they provide companionship as well as enhance confidence and independence

Choosing to live the guide dog lifestyle is a big decision, so finding the right partner to help you along the way is critical. We are committed to the success of our students before, during, and long after the time they spend with us in class:

  • All services are provided at no cost to you — this includes your guide, transportation to and from our campuses in California and Oregon, instruction, and more.
  • Our classes are two weeks long, minimizing disruption to your personal and professional commitments.
  • We provide highly customized instruction; classes generally have 6-8 students and the ratio of students to instructors is 2:1.
  • During your stay with us, you will enjoy a private hotel-style room. Our beautiful student residences have libraries, music, computer, and exercise rooms.
  • GDB provides our alumni with a lifetime of support. You will become part of a world-class alumni association and also receive the following benefits: financial assistance for veterinary care, as needed; in-person follow-up visits; access to a dedicated support center, and when the time comes for a guide to retire, we can discuss the potential for a successor dog. 

Next Week…Off We Go!


I’ll include you in the last-minute preparations next week.  Then look for Facebook and blog entries about the training and some of the details.  Together we’ll experience this adventure of hope!

May God fill your heart with His hope,


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