Voice of Suicide, Voice of Hope is Here!

The book is available to order on Amazon and is there for those affected by suicide as well as for your friends or family that could benefit from words of hope and encouragement.  The launch of the book on Amazon was last week when I was in Illinois for the National LCC  K-9/Kare-9 Comfort Dog Ministry Conference.  So I’m inviting you now to check out the book and let me know what you think of it.

Cubby Comfort Dog

Part of the proceeds of the sale of the book go to the LCC K-9/Kare-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, a national organization that utilizes the unique traits of dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers, to open opportunities to touch hurting people with the mercy, compassion, proclamation, and presence of Jesus.

Many counselors, pastors, health care professionals, church workers, and teachers have obtained the book for the people they work with, using it to provide awareness as well as encouragement.  Within the pages are the voices of Robin and Shay, two mothers whose stories of their sons bring to light how precious life is and their hope in the midst of their grief.

I invite you to sit with me through this book as I tell the story of my son, share with you the stories of Robin and Shay’s sons, and hand-in-hand go on the journey of sorrow into real hope.  Join me!

With hugs of encouragement,


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