They Gave Up Their Tomorrow

On this Memorail Day weekend we remember all those service men and women who gave up their tomorrow so that others could have their todays.  They gave it all for their country and for all of us.  They gave their lives, so we can enjoy our freedoms today.

The Traveling Vietnam War Wall

The Veterans Plaza of Norhtern Colorado on Horsetooth in Fort Collins is honoring our Vietnam War Veterans during this Memorial Day weekend.  The event celebrates the service and accomplishments of our Vietnam War era veterans, both living and deceased and honors their sacrifices given for our country, its citizens, and each other.

The Traveling Vietnam War Wall, which lists more than 58,000 names of men and women who lost their lives during that war will be on display until Monday at 3pm..  Also at the Plaza will be a Huey Gunship, Viet Nam Helicopter Museum, helicopter flyover, reading of all the names of the fallen, Bob Hope USO Show, nightly services and Sunday Ceremony at  noon. The Plaza will be open 24/7 for viewing.    I hope to see you there.  Bring your children.  Remind them what this weekend is all about.  It’s not the barbecues, or time off from work on Monday, or the end of the school year for many schools.  It’s about sacrifice and real-live heroes and those who were willing to give their all for you and me.

Remembering….and honoring those who gave so much,




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