Golden Nuggets from a Golden

After having Louie as my guide dog for a little more than six months, I have learned some important lessons from him.  Here are some nuggets of wisdom from Louie, my leader and my guide, in his own words:

1.  Taking a nap every day can be a good thing.  Rest and refreshment can restore the body as well as the soul.

2.  Stick close to those who love you.  A little pat on the head or tummy rub when it’s been a difficult day can bring contentment.

3.  Always take the time each day to play, laugh, and wag your tail.

4 Enjoy each moment in life.  Let the wind blow your ears, enjoy the new smells in the park, and eat a dandelion in the Spring.

5.  Be willing to forgive—-even if it’s the 7th time your tail was stepped on.

6.  Sometimes “sit” and “stay” are the best actions when commotion and busy days surround you. Or just chase your tail and enjoy yourself!

7.  Flop on your back, look up at your owner with that cute little open-mouth grin, and you’ll receive a lot of attention!

8.  My all-time favorite advice, spoken with lots of experience:  Follow the Leader who knows the way.  Your Guide can keep you on the right path and will help you to avoid stumbling.

Loveland Reporter-Herald)

I can apply some of his wisdom to my life and especially his last point about following my Guide, my Shepherd, my Lord.  I am certainly not in control most of my days.  I need guidance and leadership.  How about you?

Louie sends his love to you…and a big tail wag!

God’s blessings and hope,

Kathy & Louie

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