Grief is exhausting.  Somedays it takes every ounce of energy just to get out of bed, when grief is weighing us down.  What do we do with grief? No one wants to go through it.  I would rather deal with a bad case of the flu than deal with the grief that our family encountered after the death of our son.  With the flu bug, you know you’ll eventually get over it in most cases.  Not so with grief.  It may lessen a bit, change its shape, and the pain may not be as sharp.  But it is always there.

A very wise man commented on his encounters with losses in his life.  I’m sharing those thoughts with you today.


We will survive, you and I.  When we don’t have the strength on our own to do that surviving, our Lord steps in and carries us until we can walk on our own once more.

Praying for your strength today,


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