What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for or on?  Are you counting the minutes before a big event, like a birthday (if you happen to be  almost 5 years old)?  Are you sitting in the waiting room at the hospital as your loved one undergoes surgery?  Are you counting the weeks before your precious baby will be born?  Perhaps you are waiting for the doctor to call with the results of an important test.  Is your heart waiting for the day in the future that you’ll be reunited with that loved one who is waiting for you in heaven?

Waiting Isn’t Easy

The Israelites back in Bible times were typically impatient while wandering the wilderness after being released from their captivity in Egypt.  Their wait was 40 years before finally entering the promised land! They grumbled (don’t we in our waiting times?), they strayed from their allegiance to their Lord (even making a false god out of gold), and they failed to see God’s provisions for them during that waiting period (He provided food and protection day and night).

What Happens in the Wait?

Okay, friend.  Did you know there is growth in the waiting?  Think about a seed in the farmer’s field.  He plants it in the dirt.  Does it sprout immediately?  Silly question!  It takes TIME.  It looks dead to begin with.  But through weeks, months, the rains come, the dirt breaks open, and so does that seed!  New life emerges….eventually. Not overnight!  And our all-knowing God allows for growth in us…as we WAIT.

What Can We Do As We Wait?

Got your notebook ready?  Here are some notes to take while waiting:

  • W…Walk with the Lord daily…in His Word.  In the waiting we may hear many voices, even from some friends, that may cause fear, doubt, and worry.  God’s voice in His Word is true, the voice we should listen to. “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart.”  Psalm 27:14
  • A…Allow for growth to happen.  Don’t back away from that process.  God will use it for your good.
  • I…Invest in relationships that can help you.  That could be a trusted counselor, a loving friend, perhaps a family member.
  • T…Trust and Thank the Lord that He will work this out in His time.  I’m a microwave kind of gal, who wants things to be solved NOW.  God is a crockpot kind of being, who knows what’s best for me, at just the right time.


The waiting is almost over for the process of receiving my guide dog, as you all know if you’ve been following my blog…for months!  I picture that highly trained canine waiting out there in California, wondering what his/her blind person is like.  “Will she let me guide her, without trying to control my leading?”  (Usually I like to be in control of situations. I have to relinquish that, and let my guide be the leader!)  “Will she be able to remember all the commands and hold up physically during the 2 weeks of training?” (Hmmmm, could use a few prayers for that one!)  October 28 is coming soon….patience, patience!

Praying for patience for you as you wait,




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