Buzzing with Life–It’s Easter!

The sorrow of Good Friday, the death of our Savior, the agony of his suffering has reminded us of the unfathomable sacrifice He made for us.  But that’s not the end of the story!  He arose on the third day victoriously alive!  And He did that not only for himself, but for all of us—our guarantee that we, too, will never die.  Our loved ones that have gone through an earthly death will also live forever.  Their buzz of life will continue on, even though the breath of life on this earth has ceased for them.  Because of Christ.

Can you hear that Buzz? 

The buzz of life resonates loudly outside my study window.  The crabapple tree is filled with new fragrant blossoms that entice thousands of honey bees.  Their sound shouts, “I am alive!  From the dead of winter, to new life in the Spring, each branch is filled with the fragrance of promise, of HOPE!”  My fisherman-husband and I just sit under this buzzing, pink beauty in awe of all the life-sounds and perfumed air that this one tree is producing.  Only last Fall did that same husband threaten to chop that very tree down, as its trunk looked dead and wounded.  “It will never make it through the winter,” he predicted.  But look at it now!

It’s abuzz with new life, and its beautiful new flowers give HOPE that it will continue to live….maybe until next year….maybe forever???

Rejoicing with you over Christ’s victory!  He is abuzz with new life! 

Easter hugs,




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