Join Me On This New Adventure of Hope

Come along with me each week as I take you on a journey of new life and new sight exploring the opportunity of receiving a guide dog!  Since I was diagnosed in December, 2017 as being legally blind, I have pursued various avenues to help with my mobility.  The organization, Guide Dogs for the Blind, offered the best option.

Denny & I were no strangers to this wonderful non-profit.  We had raised Gatwick (whose puppy-picture appears above) from 8 weeks old to someday becoming a guide dog. He went through a year with us to learn fundamentals, and then we sent him back to Guide Dogs for his final phases, but he didn’t quite make the final cut.  We were offered to adopt him back into our family.  He was our loving pet for 15 years, giving us many times of pure joy.

So Begins the Journey

I now begin my own adventure with Guide Dogs, who generously have offered to instruct me with a specially trained partner.  We’ll become a team!  We’ll explore our world together!  And I want to take you along on that journey…the months of waiting to go to the California campus in October to train for 2 weeks with that 4-legged guide.  And the actual days of intense classes to know what to say and what to do with my guide.  I will not know what dog I will receive until I’ve been on the campus for several days.  The name, the breed (could be a Lab, a Golden, or a Lab/Golden cross), the color, the size, male or female, all will be a surprise!

Your Guide for this Journey 

Hi!  I’m Harvey, and I’ll guide you along each week to let you know what the adventure of obtaining a guide dog is like.  I’m a retired guide, so I know all about the different steps that need to be taken, and I also know all about Guide Dogs for the Blind.  If you’d like to know more, you can go to their website by just clicking here: Guide Dogs

I’ll even take you out to San Rafael, California, when Kathy goes for her training, so you can be right there with her as she learns what to do with her new guide dog.  She might even take some pictures or video of the process.

She’s excited, and it’s hard for her to wait.  I’ll just remind her to be patient and do her homework….Guide Dogs recommends reading the lessons ahead of time, so she knows what commands to give the dog and how to handle this new partner of hers.

Above all, I know she’s filled with hope that God has given her in this new adventure. Come along with us…on this journey of Hope!

Kathy & Harvey


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