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The vision of Comfort, Encouragement, and Hope is to bring about awareness of suicide, fight against the stigma that surrounds mental health disorders, and bring compassion to those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Resources are also available to provide help.


“The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

– Deuteronomy 31:8


Kathy’s book is on sale now!

My book, Voice of Suicide, Voice of Hope, A Mother and Son Speak Through the Silence, by Kathy Tripcony, has launched on Amazon! 

Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

You’re a survivor of the loss of someone you’ve loved who has taken his or her own life. Your grief is unbearable and you need a hand to hold on to so you don’t feel so alone.

You are invited into a very personal conversation of a grieving mother and her child.

The author, a mother whose only son took his own life, journeys with you through the grief. She breaks through the silence that so often accompanies suicide and gives voice to her son’s depression and pain, with honesty and compassion. Mother and son reveal the story of Tim’s younger life, the bullying he encountered and the concussion he suffered. Her son speaks with clarity from one who suffers with mental illness. Through his voice he tells you what depression feels like. Together mother and son open a window for you to see both beauty and pain colliding. Their voices are also joined with other mothers who speak for their sons, the grief that they are encountering, but also the hope that emerges through the pain.

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Encouraging News!

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Kathy Tripcony author

A little bit about me

Kathy Tripcony


I greet you with a hug and a hearty welcome, because I am definitely a passionate woman!  I am Kathy Tripcony, one who wears many hats, but most importantly I am my Creator’s daughter.  He has placed in my heart His compassion for His people.  So I love His children with a deep intensity, and I feel His grief when those children are hurting.



My fisherman-husband is my H.E.R.O., my Hope-giver, my Encouragement, my Rock, my Optimist.  My daughter is creative, strong, an entrepreneur, and filled with a heart for children who just need that extra ounce of help.  She’s the mother of my swimmer-grandson.  I’m sure he is part fish, more at home in the water than on land!  My son is in his eternal home in the arms of his Savior.  Read more about him on Our Story page.


My career was filled with 27 years of teaching Kindergarten and Early Childhood students, and part of that time was devoted to directing a preschool and co-owning an Early Childhood business with my talented daughter.  Because of my love for my Lord and His Word, my life has included leading Bible study groups, and speaking at Women’s groups and Senior communities.


God has recently filled my heart with His rich comfort.  Because of this gift, I now am compelled to share that comfort with others.  One avenue for doing this is the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, of which I am “Top Dog”.    Cubby, the K-9 Comfort Dog allows me, as well as our Team of 26 volunteers, to open doors to bring Christ’s compassion to those who are hurting in our community and in the nation.

I am an author who strives to capture the voices of those who can’t speak for themselves or who need to get their messages out to others.  Through my words, and the nudging of God’s Spirit, I aspire to help, comfort, encourage, and give hope to those who might need it.

Hugs and thank you for reading my blog,


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Share your story

I invite you to share your story of a loved one who took his/her own life, how you were connected to that person, your feelings regarding this loss, and what ultimately gives you hope.  

My upcoming book, Voice of Suicide, Voice of Hope will be including some stories from those who have been affected by suicide.  Those stories must be submitted by April 25 to be considered.  Thank you ahead of time for allowing your voice to be heard!